It’s my first time

You’ve already made the biggest step in this exciting process. Your next step is to contact us to schedule your initial HOTBOX session.

Your request will be answered within 24 hours, so please allow ample time for your reservation.

Our fitness approach

There are a million reasons to Kickbox and just as many ways to approach it. Many facilities apply a heavy martial arts dynamic to their kickboxing program and rightfully so… especially if your intention is to spar or compete. There are highly qualified training centers throughout the city to find that instruction. For the rest of us, there’s HOTBOX.

The standard of comfort

All 60 minute sessions are kept to a maximum of 24 clients at any given time. This helps ensure personal attention to each guest, and if you’re too busy to look around at everyone else, then they’re too busy to look at you. You won’t be hit on, you won’t be forced into awkward gym situations, and our clientele is primarily women.  A lot of behind-the-scenes steps are taken so you can feel as comfortable as possible while working THIS hard.


Where can I find the HB iphone or Android app? 

Dowload it from your App store or use our links here:

 Download for iPhone

Download for Android


How do I continue to book my session times?

Once you become a member at HOTBOX, you will receive an email where you will personally set up your online login to our Mindbody client system. This will be your web & mobile resource through which you’ll guide your new fitness obsession.


 I don’t want to be a fighter or learn martial arts, is that ok?

Yes. Our goal is not to train fighters or leave you feeling over-educated with martial arts instruction. You will undoubtedly learn more than you’re expecting to but you won’t even see it coming. Our goal is fitness, period.


 I’ve never kickboxed before, is that ok?

That’s absolutely fine and beyond that, it’s expected. There are kickboxing programs throughout the city where technique is the forte within class. At HOTBOX, we will teach you enough to safely burn 800-1,000 calories per hour while learning how to confidently defend yourself should you ever need to.


What should I expect?

We pride ourselves on the high level of intensity within our classes so safety is a must. One of our specifically educated trainers will wrap your hands with elastic handwraps, we'll fit you for 12oz Thai boxing gloves, which will all be provided for your first class, and you'll be assigned your own 125lb heavy bag. The following 60 minutes will be the fastest of your life. Get ready to leave it all on the mats. For real. 


What should I bring with me?

Water is a must! You may also want to bring a towel, a shirt to change into, and flip-flops since we don't allow shoes on the mats. Keep an open mind and be ready to sweat your ass off. We'll take care of the rest.